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SAV 2014

Salão de Artes Visuais 


Exposição agosto e setembro


Salão de Exposições do 

Centro Cultural de Vinhedo

Photomarket Campinas 2013


Exposição 1 a 15/dezembro


Teatro Muncipal de Campinas


Can you believe what you see? Or see what you believe to be? Where is the image you see: on the retina or in your mind? Are you aware that when you look at a photo, you fatally include your own thinking in the image you see? How much can we see without letting our senses distract our rational thinking? Are we able to see without interpreting? To see reality without letting the interpretation intrude and change what it is in what we want it to be? Where is the truth of what we exist? What we see is what really exists? Or is it just our own interpretation of the idea we have? What is the foundation of things, of life itself? What is the essential truth of existence?


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