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I am graduated in Pedagogy and Law, and since my specialization in Art and Midialogy - Campinas University, I've been working with art: photography and ceramics.

Located in Vinhedo, a small city next to São Paulo, I develop my work without the worry to determinate if it is tableware, utility, sculpture or decoration. My pieces are ceramic pieces, SIMPLE AS THAT. It is up to the one who owns my pieces to decide what to do with it.

I do modeling and throwing wheel. The pieces are fired till 1260 Celsius degree in electric or gas kiln. All the engobes I produce by myself and also the majority of glazes are also my formulation.


Art is a path to the essencial

Flavia Pircher

+55 19  99767.8778

flavia trabalhando
frente 2

2015    por Flavia Pircher fotógrafa e ceramista  

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